I Still Have Joy

If you know my story, you probably also know that cooking is a part of my daily routine. Planning and executing meals in my house isn’t easy because the food has to meet specific dietary requirements and it also has to taste good, otherwise it’s a non starter.

Working full time, cooking daily, transporting one kid to countless therapies, homeschooling the other and building a business as a single parent is not easy, even if I make it look that way. 😃 My life is hard and it is challenging, it is not even remotely close to what I had ever envisioned it would be. Not at all.

But then there are the blessings from this journey that the average person could not appreciate, its like being in the most special club that you had to be handpicked by God to be a part of. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that my life is better than yours, but it is special in a way that may be difficult for you to see. It is messy, lonely and exhausting at times, but it is also beautiful and filled with grace. Oh and dare I leave out the friends that have crossed the miles to hold my hand when I have needed it? Never!

So, no it isn’t the life that I would have picked, but it is the life that God has given to me because he loved me and thought me worthy.

I still have joy! ❤️


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