Just to touch the hem…

A little over a week ago, one of my friends asked why I haven’t blogged in a while. I immediately said, well, I really don’t have any ideas at the moment and I don’t know what to write about that would be interesting. Her immediate response was, “ are you kidding me?!” She said, “you have a ton of stuff to talk about!” “You can speak to special needs families, you can speak to finding your joy after divorce, the Bible.” She gave me an entire list of items that I could write about to encourage and provide value.

Wow! What a splash of cold water in the face that was! What she was telling me was that no one expects perfect, but they do expect authentic. That was a hard pill for me to swallow. Sharing who I am is excruciatingly difficult. Opening the door to scrutiny is not what I signed up for. I mean I’d rather get a root canal than to open the door to my less than perfect life.

That is it, it’s not perfect, it’s messy! It’s clothes washed and dried, but rarely folded, ironed and put away. It’s sometimes dishes left in the sink after a meal made from scratch. It’s reading stories and saying prayers with my kids at night because I want them to love the word and Jesus.

It’s saying, I’m sorry when I become overwhelmed by all that life demands and fall to my knees in tears or even saying words that hurt. It is touching the hem of His garment, because I know that is exactly what will make me whole.

My journey is not your journey and yours is not mine, but when we reach out to the one who can carry it all, then the messy is not that messy after all. It’s a grace filled blanket that covers it all.

Living an imperfect grace filled life!

Angela Christine Ireland❤️


2 thoughts on “Just to touch the hem…”

  1. I completely love what you had to say I have read many of these commentaries before and I appreciate the fact that you are a loving mother and you work hard at being so.
    I in turn have been a good loving mother in the past although I have had many marriages 4 to be exact
    This gave me many experiences in life
    I am 68 now and can look back upon my life as my life last marriage was 14 years and now I’m a widow .
    God gave me a gift of true love from my husband who died it was his turn
    I was married 18 years in Montana and God needed me there to raise his children which I did
    One of those children was a special ed she was schizophrenic and mongoloid didn’t even know how to put a kotex on so yes I was very well needed I taught her how to read and write even though she was diagnosed dyslexia and graduated high school without reading. Now she can write letters very proud of her
    You never know what trail you are to follow but as long as God is on my trail I can be happy


    1. Carol, thank you so much for sharing part of your story with me. I am so encouraged by reading it. It’s been quite the journey and each day brings something new, but God’s mercies are made new every morning too. God bless you!❤️


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