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The Cost of Liberty

The past week has been quite the whirlwind in politics and culture. The vast majority of Americans believe that somehow since every media outlet has proclaimed that Joe Biden is President-Elect, that it’s over, the Trumps are leaving the White House in January.

Unfortunately, for all of Biden/Harris supporters cheering with glee, that is a bit premature. First, the media cannot declare a Presidential winner. Two, none of the States have certified the votes(required), the Electoral College doesn’t vote until December 14, which means the votes/election will not be certified until January 6, 2021. But who cares, those are pesky details. May I direct you to the following sites to educate yourself about our Republic. and

I guess what disturbs me the most is how easily beguiled most Americans have become. No one questions the lockdowns or the insistence of wearing masks. Or the potential for mandatory masking promised by the Biden/Harris administration. No one questions, why churches are closed, small businesses are not permitted to operate or that even more draconian mandates are being passed. They just nod and continue on as mindless drones.

And for those of us who refuse to go along with the charade, we get labeled as subversive or defiant. I never knew until this year that standing up for freedom and liberty would be considered a radical act in this Constitutional Republic, we refer to as the United States of America.

We have watched elites in Washington D.C, the technocrats in Silicon Valley and their co-conspirators in mainstream media work feverishly in concert with our enemies abroad to subvert our Republic. They even influence the behavior of our servant government on the state and local level. Unquestioning everyday Americans have fallen in line. When you think about it, it’s the perfect plot. Use public education to indoctrinate, promise free stuff, divide the population along every ism, you can conjure and viola here we are on the precipice of Communism.

Once you arrive on the doorsteps of Communism, freedom and liberty are lost forever without enormous bloodshed.

While, I may not have any control over decisions made by our servant government, I can control how I respond to tyranny. I will resist with every fiber in my body. I don’t relish the idea of fighting against my friends and family over the ideal of liberty, but it is a sacrifice I am willing to make if it would guarantee that my children never spend a day enslaved by a government that is rooted in the depths of hell.

Freedom does not come without sacrifice, so the question, is are you willing to suffer for it to restore our Republic? If not, please get out of the way of those who are.

In Christian liberty,

Angela C. Ireland


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