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I wrote this last year after my father and his wife came for a visit. That morning started off a bit rough because only hours before their arrival my son, Ethan had a seizure. I could use that as a reason, but if the truth be told it was primarily because my relationship with my dad had been strained for quite sometime and I wasn’t quite ready for their visit.

As I reflect on that day once more, I am so grateful that I did not allow anger and resentment me to ruin their visit for so many reasons. But the number one reason, is you never know what the future holds. On that day, I had no way of knowing that my father would once again be a widower. 😢

But God! He knew that I needed reconciliation and so by His divine will, He orchestrated a better day than I could have imagined for all of us. Happiness and joy filled my home that day. You were loved and you are missed Ms. Marjorie.❤️

It’s hard to believe a year has passed since I wrote this original post after my dad and Marjorie came to visit.

Provision and Restoration. Those two words showed up today and hugged me until tears ran down my face.

I was not expecting it, I expected tension and resentment or at least those were the guests I had prepared for at my table (thankfully, I had some wise counsel last night who had cautioned me against being battle ready) so after praying and sleeping on their words, I decided this morning that the best action would be to let Jesus to take the wheel. Even though, I had predetermined would be difficult.

So, what happened you ask? A very important person walked back into my life today after a four year hiatus (restoration) along with a person I had found challenging to embrace, but who ended up giving me an amazing gift (provision) that I never would have expected. Like never.

Today, I learned several valuable lessons, first life is way too short to hold onto past hurts and disappointments, two, Jesus’ yoke is easy and not burdensome, three, when you have the mind of Christ, your vision is perfect and your heart is renewed.

Today was a good day. Thank you, Lord!❤️

January 1, 2020


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