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When Life Changes Your Plans

I am sometimes asked why now, why network marketing? “Why would you give up your career in the pharmaceutical industry for something that is um well, uncertain?”
The answer is simple, two words, Emily and Ethan. I have spent their entire lives as a part time mother, never fully engaged or all in because there is always one thing or another pulling for my attention. The biggest being my job. Even now as a single working mother, it is abundantly clear that what they need most is me. An all in mother to make things feel somewhat normal.

Yes, I know what you’ll say, “they just have to understand you have to work.” But do they? They are children, they are living through their parents divorce and the parent they are with all the time, just doesn’t have time.

I only get one life to live and working to build someone else’s dream is not what I would call, life to the full ( not knocking anyone for their choice). Our lives are so much more. God called me to be a mother, to nurture and to guide my children back to Him. How is that even possible to do when everyday is an exercise in tug of war?

I get that everyone has choices to make, and my choices may not be your cup of tea. That’s cool. What most people don’t know or understand is I live on constant alert. I never know when my son might have a seizure or get sick. There is no pause, rewind or replay. This is my life. Not complaining, very grateful to work from home, but when these episodes occur, work stops. Other activities full stop.

I guess I am writing all of this to say, that everyone has their “why” for joining network marketing and as varied as their reasons may be the common denominator is people just want time freedom and financial freedom. No job will ever give you that. This is not a hobby or a side hustle for me. It is a lifestyle. I am a Christian Entrepreneur growing a future for myself and my children and I am not going to apologize for that.

With joyful intentions!


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