Belief, Faith, Mindset

Anxiety and Fear

Why did I let anxiety and fear, keep me from my purpose?

When I hit enroll with Plexus two and half years ago, I made the choice because I wanted to feel better and to lose the weight that I had gained. I never dreamt of doing this as a business because I was more concerned about what others would think instead of what this business had to offer me and my children. An opportunity to make a kingdom impact.
Even though I was surrounded by great examples of success on my team, I didn’t believe that I was worthy of the same, so I shied away from sharing or leading with the business opportunity and focused on the products, because talking science was my comfort zone. I didn’t have to stretch too much or feel the sting of rejection.

I remember when my friend and mentor told me, to share more of me on my timeline, because as she said, “people want to see you!” Again, I hid behind anxiety and fear because I couldn’t imagine that anyone would want to see me or listen to a word that I had to say.

Guess what? Turns out that I was wrong! People actually do want to see me, in my authentic self. People actually do want to hear what I have to say. Yes, network marketing is about selling products or a service, but at its very core, it’s about serving others. This industry challenges you to identify your true self, to live boldly and with purpose and with a heart to serve. It has helped me to remove the barriers and excuses for not doing what I’ve always been passionate about. It has helped me overcome the scarcity mindset of “anxiety and fear” because there is no room for those two on the road to abundant living.

Today, I am no longer afraid to accept all of the gifts that God has prepared for me. What about you? What roadblocks are holding you back?

With Intention,



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