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Life Makes Three

When the three of us rolled into Georgia five years ago, hopeful for a better future, I never would have guessed that was a sign of our future. That ultimately it would just be us.
In fact, the last family picture that we took was taken in Charlotte, NC, before we made our big move.

I have to admit that when we took these pictures two weeks ago, I was a bit nervous and hesitant about capturing us as one less. But the more I thought about it, not taking these pictures would have deprived us of seeing all that God has lovingly brought us through.
Our family may not look like it did when we moved here, but it does look like a family renewed and refreshed after living through a category 10 storm.

What you no longer see in that picture, is a mother who was worn and tattered after being diagnosed with autoimmunity and living outside of her inheritance. Thanks in large part to Triplex. Three plant based and powerful products that removed the barriers to my healing. You see two children who now understand that although their lives have changed in an unimaginable way, they rest well at night knowing that God has given their mother the strength to endure and who loves them unwaveringly!

No, Ethan is not exactly where I had hoped he would be at this point, but he is exactly where God wants him to be. He is filled with love and wonder and it’s just a matter of time before we see his fullest potential revealed.

My Emily, has become my anchor. She has so much to offer this world, her light is just beginning to flicker on and she hasn’t even fully realized that she is more than she even knows right now.

No, we’re not the same, we are better because we have weathered the storms and we still have joy!!

Peace and blessings!


What you thought you knew..

I remember growing up thinking that one day, I would get married and have a family. But, it wasn’t in the traditional way that little girls think. I grew up in a very Christian traditional household where roles were clearly defined. My father was the breadwinner and set the standard for our home and my mother was the homemaker and manager of the house; even though she worked full time as a Reading Specialist/Teacher much of my childhood ( by choice).

As a young girl, growing up with two brothers who had their clearly defined roles of working in the yard and doing all of the boy things, that structure didn’t sit well with me. I perceived housework as unfair and stereotypical, so I rebelled. Fortunately, my mother didn’t tolerate nonsense, so I ended up doing the “girl” stuff anyway (I am grateful because I know how to manage my home as a result).

I thought that my mother was too submissive to my father (whom I adored); he was and still is a wonderful example of what a Christian husband and father should be in my mind. My mother loved the Lord and shared Christ all of the time. My parents were a modern day Priscilla and Aquila. Even though my mother’s heart was faithful to God, I thought that being obedient to her husband was weak, but in reality she was strong and was doing her best to set a godly example for her children. It worked! Both of my brothers have stable marriages. I, the rebellious one did not.

Alas, instead of learning the lesson, that she wanted me to learn, I internalized that I would never be in a place of submission, but would be equal with my husband never once having to honor the obey part of my wedding vows. We would partners, not operating in a traditional hierarchy.

Fast forward a couple of decades, I accomplished what I planned professionally and even bought a couple of houses without the benefit of a husband. The one remaining goal was marriage and kids. I waited until my mid thirties and so by that time, the pickings of eligible mates had become slim. This is where it would have been better had I had my heart and mind more closely aligned with God’s will for my life. Or even had studied my mother’s choices more closely, the outcome would have been different. Instead, I selected a mate based on convenience and availability instead of what God wanted for me thus the outcome…. divorce.

All these years later, I finally understand what my mother wanted me to see, it’s not about obedience to your spouse, it’s about obedience to God for your life! It’s about bundling up all of His promises in your heart and knowing that by submitting to your husband (the right one) you are ultimately submitting to God.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Matthew 6:21


Angela Christine Ireland💖

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I mourn the loss of human connection.

I mourn the loss of human connection.

I mourn the loss of get togethers just because.

I mourn for our country, the home of the brave, the land of the free.

I mourn what we have allowed our lives to become because of FEAR! How could this have happened? A country that has weathered far worse in its history has collapsed under the weight of a virus that is less dangerous than the flu. My heart breaks whenever I go to the grocery store or pretty much any place of business, because I no longer see faces, just masks. Masks that separate, masks that limit true human connection.

What have we become? How will we overcome the damage that has been done?

Is this the new normal? If it is, I want no part of it and I will never accept it.

I will continue to live as an American and I will never accept tyranny, even if that means I have to travel this road alone.

Still dreaming of America.


“They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Benjamin Franklin


What’s in a name?

When I started to pen this blog, I don’t think that I had a clear road map as to what it would become other than a place for me to convey my thoughts. Which in and of itself is kind of interesting because the name of this blog is Blue Skies are on the Horizon: Joy in the Storm. I guess that I figured I would talk about my family and on occasion, current events. Now, after writing a few posts, it has become clear that I need to stay in my lane and write about what matters and makes sense to me.

So, what does that mean to you as my reader? It means that to the best of my ability, I want this blog to provide, education, information and entertainment, but above all else, I want it to encourage you to find joy in the mundane, especially during the darkest or most challenging times of your life. As James 1:2&3 states, Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds, for you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness. I think those verses serve as a good reminder that storms will come and when they are over blue skies will return.

In closing, as you take time out of your day to read what I write, I hope that you are able to appreciate the plethora of topics that happen to ramble around in my head and out onto this blog and in that you are able to find some little nugget to encourage you as you go about your day. Pouring into you is what makes my heart happy!